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Exhibition of Archaeological Finds – Brendola

Piazza Marconi 1 (Villa Piovene – Municipio) – 36040 Brendola (VI)
– Fax 0444 401099

The large council hall in the town hall of Brendola hosts a permanent exhibition of archaeological finds discovered in the local area. The items displayed, most of which are ceramic objects, cover a time span from the Bronze Age to the late Imperial Age and are arranged in four large display cases.


The first display case contains materials dating back to the middle and recent Bronze Age, as well as protohistoric and roman objects, which were discovered during the excavation campaigns carried out in the surroundings of Brendola. Then there are also finds from the site Cà Rossa, which include fragments of cups and bowls of the middle and recent Bronze Age (18th-13th cent. B.C.), as well as a sigillata plate and an iron cutting tool of the Roman period. Also the fragments of pottery and the flints discovered in the site Ponticelli date back to the middle and recent Bronze Age. On the bottom shelf there are the materials found in the site Soastene: fragments of trays, grey clay bowls and a bowl bottom of the 5th-2nd/1st cent. B.C., as well as earthen floor tiles, an iron hoe, the bottom of a black varnish bowl and an iron cutting tool of the Roman period.
Fragments of pottery of the 5th-2nd cent. B.C: and of the Roman period were discovered also in the site Triveneta and can be seen on the bottom shelf.
Between the first and second display cases, there are two stone column bases.
The second display case contains examples of Roman pottery collected in the site Albera (both on the eastern and western sides of the SS 500 highway) and Pila. The objects found in the site of Albrera include the iron tip of a farming tool, two fragments of African sigillata plates (4th cent. A.D.), an amphora tip, three small iron knives, an African sigillata cup/bowl and a piece of a bowl (1st-2nd cent. A.D.), whereas the materials discovered in Pila consist of a sigillata cup (1st-2nd cent. A.D.), two fragments of thin-walled bowls (1st-2nd cent. A.D.), an amphora neck, an African sigillata plate (4th cent. A.D.), three coins of Valens, Valentinian I (367-375 A.D.), the fragment of a lithic quern with a hole in the middle and an earthen basin.
Before moving to the last two display cases, it is important to mention the Roman aedicule-shaped funerary stele depicting a shield in its pediment.
The inscription on the gravestone displays some gaps, but it is possible to note the inscription to the Manes (divine ancestral spirits).
The third display case contains other Roman materials found in the local area. On the first shelf, it is possible to see the upper part of a lamp (1st cent. A.D.) from the site Ponticelli, an as of Antoninus Pius (147-148 A.D.) of unknown origin, an amphora tip and a half column from the site Casavalle, a Roman jug from Vo, a portion of an African sigillata plate (4th-5th cent. A.D.) and other ceramic fragments from the site Canova. The second and third shelves contain a fragment of a small sigillata bowl, a small bronze bell of the 1st-2nd cent. A.D. from the site Casoni, eight earthen loom weights from different sites, two fragments of baked clay floor and three stamped tiles from the site Pedocchio.
The last display case contains glass and ceramic objects of the 4th cent. A.D. found in San Giacomo. There is also a box room of folles of the 4th cent. A.D. from the same site, in which it is possible to recognize the faces and the names of emperors, such as Maximilian, Valens, Gratian and Arcadius.


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