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The National Archaeological Museum is based in the open barn of Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine. It presents archaeological collections from the area of Frattesina and its necropolises. This settlement located on the banks of the ancient arm of Po river, is very unique in the Italian Protohistory: it is the source of highly specialised handicraft (glass, bronze, bone/horn), it also used to serve as a contact point with the Mediterranean and central Europe. Two necropolises containing hundreds of tombs (almost all with cremated bodies) have been partly excavated around the living part of the modern city.
Collection history
Frattesina was discovered towards the end of 1960s during deep excavation and tillage works. The initial phase of exploration and research was followed by intense excavation works that lasted till the 1990s. In the middle of 1980s the works on the necropolises in Fondo Zanotto and then in Narde were initiated. The Frattesina site is widely recognised in the european palethnological literature.
Sala 1
The first theme is related to the Polesine territory before the times of Frattesina settlement. The picture is still very much incomplete and the inhabitants seem to be few. Other themes present the Frattesina settlement in relation to Italy and Europe. Finally we touch on the ancient hydrography and natural environment of Polesine.
Sala 2
In this room we wanted to paint a general picture of the north-east Italy at the end of Bronze Age and the beginning of Iron Age. There are object found in the settlements of Mariconda, Vollamarzana, Montagnana and Treviso as well as some graves from the necropolises of Desmontà, Garda and Gazzo Veronese. Finally we present a brief summary of the research history in Polesine.
Sala 3
This room is dedicated to Frattesina settlement and its everyday life: the house itself, the house life, food preparation, processing and preservation, spinning, clothes making, adornments, farm life, hunting and fishing, ceramics, bone and horn processing, glass production, metal crafting, savings, cultural aspects and trade and exchange of metal, glass, amber, ivory and ostrich eggs.
Sala 4
This room, which occupies the whole of the first floor, contains two necropolises of Frattesina named respectively: the Fondo Zanotto and Narde. For each of the necropolises the research and excavation story is presented as well as the contents of the tombs divided into men’s, women’s and children’s categories. Other information boards present the funeral rituals and the bone analysis. Shortly, at the end of the exhibition there will be a reconstruction of a large tumulus of Narde.
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