Corso SS. Felice e Fortunato 225 (Basilica dei SS. Felice e Fortunato) - 36100 Vicenza (VI)
The archaeological area provides evidence of Vicenza in late antiquity and conserves the remains of the two oldest phases of the Basilica of the Saints Felice and Fortunato, dating back to the end of the IV century A.D. (the first phase) and to the second half of the V century A.D. (the second phase).
History of research
The excavations were carried out in 1908, in 1933 and in the Seventies of the past century by the General Direction for Archaeological Heritage in the Veneto region. Some of the mosaics were kept visible so as to provide the visitor with some evidence of the previous phases of the basilica.
IV (end) - V A.D. and Medieval times
Admission: Negli orari di apertura; Visitability: Interno; Ticket: No;
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Recommended tour time (minutes): 40
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