Via Noal 3 - 32036 Sedico (BL)
The archaeological area at Noal displays the rests of a fortified settlement that was initially built during recent and final Bronze age (XII-XI sec. a.C.) and which was later re-used during Iron age (X-IX sec. a.C.) e in Medieval times (X-XII sec. d.C.).
History of research
The archaeological excavations were carried out by the General Direction for Archaeological Heritage in the Veneto region between 1994 and 1996 and again in 2001.
XII-IX B.C. and Medieval times
Admission: Libero; Visitability: Interno; Ticket: No; Price: Free entrance for the schools;
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Disabled access Parking near the site
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Recommended tour time (minutes): 80
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Parking along the road leading to the site
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Guided Tours
Guided tours by the group "Gruppo Archeologico per Noal", tel. 0437 838294