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The Civic Archaeological Museum of Oderzo, founded in 1876 and moved to the "Barchessa" (rural building of a Venetian villa) of Palazzo Foscolo in 1999, is named after Eno Bellis, who was honorary inspector for the cultural heritage and director of the museum for more than a decade. The collection gathers the most significant archaeological finds discovered in Oderzo both in the 19th century by local families and more recently, over the last twenty years, during the excavations carried out by the regional board of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation in charge of archaeology. The visit, which starts on the upper floor, follows a chronological path and is divided into two sections: a Pre-Roman and Roman section.
Collection history
The “Eno Bellis” Museum was founded in 1876 following the numerous findings in the territory of Oderzo around the mid 19th century. Besides these findings, the collection boasts important donations spontaneously made by local citizens who had been invited to personally contribute to the growth of the museum assets in 1879. The last donation made by citizens dates back to 1953. All items found afterwards are state-owned and under the direct competence of the regional board of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation in charge of archaeology. From 1957 to 1999 the museum was hosted in a small building near the Town Hall of Oderzo. In 1999 the collection was moved to the Barchessa of Foscolo Palace, a majestic building in the heart of a huge park.
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