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The Archaeological District Museum of Povegliano Veronese is situated in the rural courtyard of the eighteenth-century villa Balladoro. This museum collects the archaeological finds of the Bronze, Iron and Roman Age found in the area of Povegliano and in the surrounding towns. There is also a display of Celtic materials and a Lombard grave. A section dedicated to the Celtic necropolis recently found nearby Ortaia will be shortly arranged.
Collection history
The first archaeological excavations in Povegliano were carried out between 1876 and 1877 in the town of Gambaloni. The finds discovered during the excavation activities are presently contained in the National Museum Pigorini of Rome. The research activities in the region went on all along the twentieth century until, between 1985 and 1986, four Celtic graves were brought back to light in the town of Madonna dell’Uva Secca as well as about forty burials in the town of Ortaia. These finds led to the opening of the Museum of Povegliano which, thanks to the constant commitment of the members of the Associazione Balladoro, took place in 1986.
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