Piazza Tiziano 2 - 32044 Pieve di Cadore (BL)
Tel. 0435 32262 - Fax 0435 32858
Web site http://www.magnificacomunitadicadore.it
The Archaeological Museum is located on the second floor of the Ancient Palace of the Magnificent Community of Cadore. The collection includes pre-roman and roman artefacts, stemming solely from centres belonging to the historical Cadore region (Calalzo, Pieve, Valle, Domegge). The core part of the exhibition is made up of a remarkable amount of important findings discovered in the shrine of Làgole di Calalzo, which for long time has been a worship place for people from Veneto and Celts first, and then, until the late imperial age, for the Romanized people. The sacred area was used to worship the local deity, called Trumusiate or Tribusiate Sainate, which was later identified as Apollo.
Collection history
The establishment of the Archeological Museum of the Magnificent Community of Cadore dates back to 1880, when also the bronze monument to Titian placed at the centre of the homonymous square was unveiled. The collection has been then expanded over time thanks to the numerous items found in the shrine of Làgole di Calalzo and other parts of the Cadore area and today it is one of the richest and most homogeneous exhibitions in the province of Belluno, as well as the main point of reference as regards the ancient history of the whole Cadore region. The current layout of the museum dates back to 1984, which has recently been updated with the introduction of a winding path stretching along the entrance hall, where panels hanging on the walls provide brief and effective introductory explanations.
Admission: Negli orari di apertura; Ticket: Si; Price: Full fare: 3 € (adults) Reduced fare: 2 € (children aged between 6 and 12, groups (min. 10 people), giornalists, students) Free admission for children under 6 years of age; Combined ticket (Titian’s house; Archaeological museum, Eye glasses museum): 6 € (full price) Combined ticket with Titian's house: 5,00 € (full price); 3,50 € (reduced fare);
School access Free admission for students of the schools located in the Cadore area.
Opening Times
Spring/SummerMonday10.00-12.30 e 15.30-18.30
Spring/SummerTuesday10.00-12.30 e 15.30-18.30
Spring/SummerWednesday10.00-12.30 e 15.30-18.30
Spring/SummerThursday10.00-12.30 e 15.30-18.30
Spring/SummerFriday10.00-12.30 e 15.30-18.30
Spring/SummerSaturday10.00-12.30 e 15.30-18.30
Spring/SummerSunday10.00-12.30 e 15.30-18.30
The Museum can be visit also out of the opening times, taking an appointment 3/4 days before, calling on 0435.32262 or e-mailing on info@magnificacomunitadicadore.it.

Recommended tour time (minutes): 40
Services for visitors
Rest points
Numerous chairs and sofas.
On the ground floor of the Palace of the Magnificent Community.
Educational Services
Information boards
Mobile cards
Short but accurate two-page guide/information sheets, available in Italian and in English (2009)
Captions under exhibits
Multilingual ads: Inglese
Introductory panels at the entrance of the museum, information sheets.
Other activities
Conference hall and exhibition spaces inside the Palace of the Magnificent community.