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The San Marco Museum is rightly considered a part of the basilica devoted to the patron saint of Venice, since it is located on the upper floor of the building (enabling visitors to enjoy a beautiful view from above); it contains a set of artefacts that are closely linked to the history, architecture and decoration of the basilica itself. In the section devoted to antiquity, it is possible to see the extraordinary group of horses in gold plated bronze, coming from Constantinople, which were once on the façade of the cathedral, before being replaced by replicas.
Collection history
The establishment of the San Marco Museum, already hoped for in the late 19th cent., dates back to 1927 under the supervision of Luigi Marangoni. In the late 50’s the museum was enlarged and since 1982 it has been hosting the horses that until 1977 had been placed in the loggia on the façade of the cathedral, before being replaced, for conservation purposes, by accurate bronze replicas that are very faithful to the original. The latest re-arrangements of the exhibition were carried out in 2003.
Admission: Negli orari di apertura; Ticket: Si; Price: Full fare: 4€; reduced fare: 2€ (only for groups of more than 15 people).;
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