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The Land Reclamation Museum of San Donà di Piave displays objects, pictures and scale models, organized according to chronological and typological criteria, which present the great reclamation works carried out in the area of San Donà from Antiquity till nowadays. The main feature of this museum is its close relation with the land (ecomuseum), as it is focused on the identity of the place, largely based on local participation and aims at enhancing the welfare and development of local communities. The museum is divided into various sections: Archaeology, Ethnography, War, Natural Sciences, as well as a section specifically devoted to the land reclamation.
Collection history
The building, in which the Land reclamation museum is located, was established in 1967 as convent of the Poor Clares; then in 1982 the Municipality purchased it with the purpose of arranging the rich demo-anthropological material regarding to the local rural communities and the events related to the great reclamation work carried out in the area surrounding San Donà. The museum opened in 1983, then in 1998 it was enlarged, including a new wing now that hosts the archaeological collection.
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