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The Archaeological Museum of Campagna Lupia, located in the medieval church of Santa Maria di Lugo, collects the pre-roman and roman finds discovered in this site. The geophysical prospecting, the geo-sedimentological surveys and the excavations carried out in this area have led to the discovery of an architectural complex used as shrine, probably related to a branch of the Medoacus river, which can be traced back to a time span between 2nd cent. B.C. and 1st cent. A.D. The finds discovered in this area are located in five display cases inside the church.
Collection history
The first surveys carried out in the large architectural complex of Campagna Lupia were carried out by the Regional Board for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of the Veneto region between 1990 and 1993. The finds were arranged in a collection in 1995, when the Archaeological Museum of Santa Maria di Lugo was inaugurated. In 2008 new surveys were carried out in the parvis of the church by the University of Padua, which led to the identification of a Venetian necropolis and a large pit containing pottery used for trade.
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