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The Provincial Museum of Torcello is organized into two parts: the archaeological section and the medieval-modern one, which are located in two historical buildings giving onto the main square of Torcello, a suggestive island of the Venetian lagoon. The archaeological section is located on the first floor of the Archive Palace, dating back to the 11th-12th cent. It consists of a single room, which displays a rich collection of pots, bronze objects, sculptures and other archaeological finds, the origin of which is often unknown, since they mostly come from private collections; yet they are very likely to stem from the local context, either the lagoon islands or the coastal area controlled by Altinum.
Collection history
In 1870 Luigi Torelli, who at the time was the prefect of Venice, purchased the Council Palace of Torcello, in order to collect all the ancient finds discovered in the Venetian Lagoon. Two years later, the Palace was donated to the Province of Venice, which established the Provincial Museum, entrusting its management to Nicolò Battaglini. In 1887 he was succeeded by Cesare Augusto Levi, who decided to purchase and refurbish the nearby Archive Palace to found the new "Estuary museum", which would contain all the archaeological collections. In 1974 the medieval and modern section was opened in the previously refurbished Council Palace. Thereafter also the Archive Palace was renovated and the archaeological section was re-organized in 1990. Beside the items found in Torcello, the other islands of the Lagoon and the close hinterland (area controlled by the municipality of Altinum), over time the exhibition has also included objects of unknown origin, coming from private collections mainly belonging to Venetian families.
Admission: Negli orari di apertura; Ticket: Si; Price: Full fare: 3 €; reduced fare: 1.5 € for groups of more than 10 people; free admission for people aged more than 65 and for pupils and students from schools of any kind and level (if accompanied by a teacher) NOTE: the ticket includes the visit to both sections of the museum.;
School access
Opening Times
Summer timetable (1/03 - 31/10); Winter timetable (1/11 - 28/02)

Recommended tour time (minutes): 30
Services for visitors
Outside the museum; fee: 1.5 €
Rest points
In the room there is a comfortable bench with padded seat.
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