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The Archaeological Section of the Civic Museum of Treviso, was recently remounted in “Santa Caterina”. It houses both the important archaeological findings originally collected by its founder, Luigi Bailo, and specimens discovered during the recent excavations carried out in the city of Treviso. The exhibition stretches over the basement and the ground floor and leads the visitor through a journey from the Palaeolithic period to the Roman Age, following a chronological order and, when possible, a topographic criteria. The museum displays the history of Treviso from its birth to the Roman Age, an innovative element of this new layout which proved to be very efficient from a didactic point of view. The exhibition is still to be completed with findings from the Late Antiquity, Byzantine and Longobard period.
Collection history
In 1879, the abbot Luigi Bailo (1835-1932) founded the first nucleus of the “Museo Trivigiano”, gathering together in the Municipal Library the Roman gravestones displayed in the old Town Hall and the donation made by the canon G.A. Bocchi in the 18th century. Furthermore, Bailo commissioned surveys in the territory and bought items of different origin from private collectors in antiques markets. This enabled him to officially open the archaeological exhibition in 1888 in the historic seat in Borgo Cavour. After a first rearrangement in 1938 and despite the heavy bombing on April 7, 1944, the archaeological section was restored and opened again in 1952, thanks to the works carried out by L. Coletti and B. Forlati Tamaro. More recently, following the restoration of the former Convent of Santa Maria dei Servi, the archaeological findings have been moved, enriched and efficiently arranged with a modern and innovative layout in “Santa Caterina”. The new seat was opened on June 29, 2007.
Admission: Negli orari di apertura; Ticket: Si; Price: Full fare 3€; reduced fare 2€ (teenagers aged between 5-18, groups of 10 or more people, seniors 70+, partners associations, university students); school groups 1 € (kindergartens, primary and middle schools, children aged between 6-15); free: children up to 6 years of age, disabled person and helper, history and art teachers, tour guides, school escorts (max 2 escorts per group), group leader (at least 10 people).;
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