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The Civic Museum of Montagnana is located inside the Castle of San Zeno, which is the most ancient part of the town fortifications. It was commissioned by the feudal lord Ezzelino da Romano in 1242 and then further expanded over the following centuries by the Carraresi family and by the Most Serene Republic of Venice. The museum is composed of three different areas: the archaeological, the medieval-modern and the “Martinelli–Pertile” music sections.
Collection history
The archaeological section and the lapidarium were established in 1980, following the extraordinary discovery of the Roman cemetery of the Vassidia gens (1973); this part of the museum displays the material coming from the necropolis, as well as a series of pre- and proto-historic finds and artefacts, which were found in Montagnana and in the surrounding area thanks to numerous surface analyses and excavations. In 1996, the museum compound was refurbished and it was given the layout it displays today.
Admission: Negli orari di apertura; Ticket: Si; Price: Full fare: 2.10 €; reduced fare: 1.60 € (groups of more than 10 people and children under 16 years of age); 1 € (participants in the workshop activities);
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