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The museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art, located inside the Liviano Palace, the historical seat of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Padua, is an example of public permanent exhibition accomplished thanks to the donations from private collections. Its main purpose is of didactic nature, as it displays works of art and archaeological finds that can be examined by the students of the degree course in Archaeology during their studies. The exhibition is located on the third floor of the palace and is divided into 14 rooms and 3 sections regarding the activity of collecting, the material culture and the collection of plaster casts respectively.
Collection history
The oldest part of the Museum is the collection donated in 1733 to the University of Padua by Antonio Vallisneri junior, which consisted of objects of naturalistic interest and artistic antique material. The latter mainly came from the private collection of Marco Mantova Benavides, a jurist of Padua, who put it together with great passion in the 16th century. The items collected, together with other important bequests and excavation materials, were kept in the Bo Palace (main building) until 1907, when Giuseppe Pellegrini decided to transfer them to Piazza Capitaniato, in the buildings leaning on the Sala dei giganti (Giants Hall). In 1939 Carlo Anti decided to move the exhibition and the collection of plaster casts (established in the early 20th century by Gherardo Gherardini for didactic purposes) to a specific museum venue inside the Liviano Palace, near the Department of Archaeology. The latest expositive plan was accomplished in 2008 and is the result of the renovation works carried out over the last ten years under the supervision of Professor Alessandra Menegazzi.
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Recommended tour time (minutes): 75
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Each room is provided with a leaflet matching each find displayed with its inventory number in order to be able to easily trace the detailed description of the work.
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The website is provided with the English translation of the section regarding the Collection of plaster casts.
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