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The museum of the Bacchiglione river is located inside the Castle of San Martino della Vaneza, which was donated by the Papafava-Carraresi family to the Province of Padua for cultural purposes. The museum is divided into two parts: the geo-morphological section and the archaeological one. Both of them display finds that were discovered inside or near the bed of the Bracchiglione river during the excavations carried out by the so called “sabbionari” (people extracting sand from the riverbed to use it as building material) and thanks to the underwater surveys commissioned to the scuba divers by numerous associations of Padua starting from the 70’s.
Collection history
In the 70’s the ArcheoClub of Padua (now called Società Archeologica di Padova – Archaeological Association of Padua), the Club Sommozzatori di Padova (Divers’s club of Padua) and the ArcheoSub-Metamauco cooperative collected a set of finds discovered in the stretch of the river between Cervarese Santa Croce and Ponte San Nicolò-Canale Roncajette. Starting from 1990 the regional board of the ministry of cultural heritage and environmental conservation in charge of archaeology (Soprintendenza Archeologica del Veneto) has been carrying out numerous and well-structured surveys in order to understand the kind of settlement that characterized the area. Thanks to this study, in 1995 it was possible to accomplish the first expositive plan of the museum.
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