Piazza Ferdinando di Savoia, near the church - 37019 Peschiera del Garda (VR)
The archaeological area in Peschiera del Garda conserves the remains of a Roman settlement which started around the end of the I century B.C. on the remains of an older village of III-II B.C. The settlement, with commercial function, was restored during the II century and lasted up to the IV century A.D. It is believed that this site corresponds to the ancient Roman village of Arilica, which is known thanks to four inscriptions of the “collegium nautarum Arilicensium”, the association of boat drivers in Peschiera, which managed the traffic in the southern part of the lake.
History of research
The excavations were carried out between 1974 and 1981 by the General Direction for Archaeological Heritage in the Veneto region, on the occasion of construction works in this area. In 1999 new investigations were conducted on the occasion of further construction works.
I – II A.D.
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