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The Maffeiano Lapidary Museum is situated in front of the Philharmonic Theatre, in Piazza Bra, in the very heart of the city. It was built during the first half of the 18th century in order to display the inscriptions collected by Scipione Maffei, who first organized the epigraphs found in the Philharmonic Academy and later integrated them with a lot of new items. The public nature of the exhibition, not just in terms of its legal status but also for the way it could be used was a novelty at the time it was first established. It therefore became a suitable place to perform a clear didactic function and to bring citizens closer to culture.
Collection history
The first set of inscriptions collected in the courtyard of the Philharmonic Academy was donated by Count Cesare Nichesola in the early 17th century. Later, other important aristocrats from Verona donated their personal archaeological collections thus contributing to the growth of the collection. After a long silent period, almost a century later, Scipione Maffei, eminent man of culture from Verona, decided to enrich the collection and to order it according to didactic and rational criteria. In 1745, he commissioned the construction of two low Doric porticos joining the majestic pronaos of the Philharmonic Theatre to house the primitive nucleus of items. The architect Alessandro Pompei was in charge of the project. In 1893, the Municipality of Verona bought the Lapidary Museum. During the Fascist regime, it was renovated and the courtyard was drastically reduced in size. In 1982, it was completely rearranged according to modern museographic criteria.
Admission: Negli orari di apertura; Ticket: Si; Price: Full fare 4,50 €; Reduced fare (groups, students, seniors 60+) 3,00 €; Reduced fare (schools and children aged between 8-14, only with escort) 1,00 €; Full fare: Museum + Roman Amphitheatre 7,00 €; Reduced fare: Museum + Roman Amphitheatre 5,00 €; Senior Verona citizens 65+ free; Mantova - Verona Card free; Verona Card (1 day) 10,00 €; Verona Card (3 days) 15,00 €.;
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The access to the basement is allowed only on request

Recommended tour time (minutes): 75
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Dal lunedì al venerdì: ore 9.00-13.00 e 14.00-16.15 Tel 045 8036353 - Tel/fax 045 597140 - Fax 045 8000466 aster.segreteriadidattica@comune.verona.it - www.didamusei.it Prezzo: 1 ora: 46,00 €; 1,5 ore: 56,00 €; 2 ore: 66,00 €; 3 ore: 92,00 €; 1 giornata: 138,00 €. Eventuali offerte saranno comunicate al momento della prenotazione. I percorsi didattici sono offerti gratuitamente (fino ad esaurimento della disponibilità) alle Scuole del Comune di Verona. L’ingresso ai musei è a pagamento, con la tariffa ridotta per le scuole.
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