Corso Cavour 43, Piazzetta Castelvecchio - 37100 Verona (VR)
The archway “Arco dei Gavi” is a monument of the I century A.D. which was built by an important family of Verona, the “gens Gavia” for self-celebration purposes. Originally the archway had been constructed along the road “Via Postumia”, the big consular road that reached Verona. In 1805 was considered as a hindrance to local traffic and was dismantled. In 1932 the archway was reconstructed in a different location. However, the previous positioning of its pillars is marked on the paving in front of the Museum of Castelvecchio in the street “Corso Cavour”.
History of research
Originally the archway “Arco dei Gavi” was on the road “Via Postumia”, in line with the gate “Porta Borsari”, 550 metres far from the latter. What we can see today is the reconstruction of this monument, out of its original positioning. The reconstruction was carried out in 1932 after it was dismantled in 1805.
I century A.D. (first half)
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