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The museum of Villadose displays approximately 400 finds discovered thanks to the field walking activities carried out in the large centuriation area stretching between Adria and Villadose. Thanks to aerial photographs and systematic research campaigns, the local Archaeological Group has been able to identify in this area about 340 sites of the pre-roman and roman age. The exhibition is organized into four sections: centuriation and field walking, the activities carried out by the settlers in the centuriation; the results of the research currently going on and the finds referring to the ancient people of Veneto living in Villadose.
Collection history
The study of the aerial photographs carried out in the 60’s led to the hypothesis that the division of the farm land dates back to the Roman age. The first essay addressing the topic scientifically was written in 1984 by Raffaele Peretto and Enrico Zerbinati; thanks to their work and the following field walking activities, in 1990 it was possible to establish the museum in the Patella Palace, the current seat of the Town Hall of Villadose. The surveys went on also in the following years. In particular between 2002 and 2004, in Pontecchio Polesine, a settlement was discovered dating back to the middle Bronze Age in the site of Zanforlina and remains of a country villa of the early imperial age were found in the site of Cà Motte.
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