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The Archaeological Museum of the Alto Vicentino displays prehistoric and proto-historic materials found in various areas of the Alto Vicentino (northern part of the Vicenza province) and the finds of a village dating back to the Iron Age discovered in Santorso. Recently another section was added, which is devoted to the late-roman necropolis of Sarcedo. The museum is organized on two floors and is characterized by a didactic and popular approach with the purpose of promoting the archaeological and environmental heritage of the Alto Vicentino. The museum is also part of the network of museums of the Alto Vicentino.
Collection history
The discoveries of the first archaeological materials (from Neolithic to the Middle Ages) took place in the early 20th century in the cave Bocca Lorenza and the site Prà Laghetto. Following these and other discoveries that were accomplished in the 70’s, the Regional Board for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage decided to commission excavation works, which have been carried out in the municipality of Santorso since 1981. These activities and the discovery of a remarkable amount of finds led to the establishment of a Didactic Archaeological Exhibition in 1986 and the Archaeological Museum of the Alto Vicentino in 1995. Both of them were created with didactic and educational purposes linked to the enhancement and the promotion of the cultural heritage characterizing the area of the Alto Vicentino.
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