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Fioroni Foundation – Legnago

Via Matteotti 39 – 37045 Legnago (VR)
– Fax 0442 20052

The Fioroni Foundation was established in the second post-war period thanks to the constant passion of Maria Fioroni who collected several memorabilia, ancient documents and original old pieces of furniture from the area of Legnago. The Foundation is a museum with unmistakable characteristics as it transmits to the visitor the idea of entering a real house (with sitting rooms, dining rooms and a bedroom) enriched with rare and precious objects of different periods. The archaeological collection is temporarily closed for reorganization.

Collection history

The idea of Maria Fioroni of a cultural permanent Foundation was conceived, with many difficulties, in 1954. The foundation was recognized as a legal entity only four years later, thanks to a Presidential Decree, which confirmed its official entity. The first woman to work as the president of the Foundation was Maria Fioroni herself who kept this appointment until she died in 1970.
Over the years, the illustrious citizen from Legnago collected a conspicuous amount of finds and memorabilia, thus playing an important cultural role in favour of the citizens and the area of Legnago.


The archaeological section is presently under restoration. At the moment, the collection is composed of seven epigraphs coming from the area of Legnago (five funerary stones, one of which is however almost certainly a fake, an altar and a dice-shaped monument), a cist grave from Massuà, several Dressel 6 and Dressel 6b-type amphorae, either whole or cut, used for funerary purposes, a mosaic bicolour floor depicting hunting scenes and a tile floor, both coming from the excavations of a urban-rural villa nearby Villa Bartolomea.
In the courtyard, there are a roman well found on the spot and a piece of pipe of a Roman water duct.


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