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"Brandolini Giol" Museum of Natural History – Oderzo

Via Brandolini 6 – 31046 Oderzo (TV)
– Fax 0422 713779

The "Brandolini Giol" museum of natural history, founded in 1938, displays a geological collection (the Brandolini collection), an ornithological section (the Giol collection), ethnographic material (from Ecuador) and archaeological finds, mainly discovered in Veneto.


The first room displays in the case nr. 9 numerous prehistoric finds of unknown origin; they include bones, teeth and horns of prehistoric animals (a mastodon tooth, cave bear -ursus spelaeus- teeth from Asiago, a bear vertebra again from Asiago and a deer antler from the Berici Hills), flint tools and pottery (olla decorated with engraved horizontal stripes).

The third room hosts, beside a rich entomological collection, two display cases containing archaeological finds. The case on the corner displays fragments of Roman amphoras found in front of the Brandolini school and artefacts of the pre-Columbian civilizations discovered in Ecuador. The display case at the bottom contains the remains of amphoras from Civitavecchia, numerous fragments of pottery of the Roman period (table, black varnish and cooking pottery), a piece of Roman tile, round stone loom weights, iron tools, granites from the Egyptian pyramids, fragments of Roman glasses, an Etruscan pipe of uncertain function and fragments of pottery from Matera.

The archaeological finds displayed in this room are located in the two small cases on the floor and on the two slightly raised shelves. The two display cases contain numerous lithic artefacts found in Ponte di Veja and a buried skeleton discovered in Thiene (6000 years ago), whereas on the shelves it is possible to see worked flints from Montello and other lithic artefacts collected in the excavation carried out in front of the Brandolini school.


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Musei Naturalistici del Veneto 1999, Milano, pp. 65.

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