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Documentation Centre on the Roman Centuriation – Granze

Via della Libertà 36 / Via Roma – 35040 Granze (PD)

The small museum of the roman centuriation in Granze is part of the Network of museum of the Bassa Padovana (southern area of the province of Padua), which in its four venues (Stanghella, Granze, San Salvaro di Urbana, Villa Estense) displays the material coming from the Euganean Hills and the Adige river. Granze has been chosen as venue for this exhibition, because during the Roman period, this small municipality was at the core of the land divisions, which are still visible on the field thanks to the numerous aerial photographs that can be seen in the museum and which highlight the traces of the ancient field divisions that can still be found in the current cartography.


The visit to the museum starts with the presentation of four thematic maps, which on different scales show the interventions of land arrangement (centuriatio) carried out in the whole Bassa Padovana. The reclamation works were probably reiterated as many as three times throughout the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. owing to a problem related to the water draining, as the pictures displayed on the panels clearly show. The rest of the room hosts a set of display cases, which contain finds related to building (fragments of floors, plaster, mosaic tiles, bricks of different sizes, stamped bricks), domestic activities (fragments of amphoras, ollas and paterae, loom weights, fragments of grey and sigillata pottery, two fragments of a brick on which the game of nine men’s Morris is engraved) and funerary practices (fragments of a funerary urn containing some bone remains, a lachrymatory, a sigillata vessel and a coin of the emperor Gallienus of the 260 A.D:).
The most significant item of the collection is located at the centre of the room: it is a boundary stone, on the top of which the symbol of the Roman decussis is engraved. A wooden groma has been reconstructed (taking as model the one found during the excavation in Pompei) and placed on it, to highlight the importance and the function of this object.
Moreover it is important to underline the presence of another panel with some pictures that explain the position and the different parts of the groma, as well as the procedure adopted to draw the cardi and the decumani.


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Granze 1984 – Una contrada, un paese, un comune 1984, Stanghella.

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