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Welcome to ArcheoVeneto

ArcheoVeneto is the web portal for the promotion and enjoyment of the archaeological heritage of the Veneto region.
The project has been promoted by the Region with the purpose of raising awareness about the richness in traces of the ancient past that characterizes the area falling under its responsibility.

The ArcheoVeneto project has been the result of the joint commitment of the Veneto Region, the University of Padua and the Regional Board for the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage of Veneto (Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Veneto); it is a thematic web portal for the promotion and enjoyment of the Archaeological Heritage of the region.

The ArcheoVeneto project relies on a relational data base containing all the information on the Museums and the Archaeological Sites of the region that are open to the public. The website interacts with the data base and provides all the information in a well-structured way thanks to the organization into different sections.

The Museums

The first section (Archaeological Museums) is devoted to the rich heritage of ancient collections, which have been gathered in Veneto since the late Renaissance and which have been arranged in large national museums, civic collections and private exhibitions.

The Areas

The second section (Archaeological areas) refers to the numerous outdoor archaeological areas, which have been surveyed at different stages throughout the last century and which have then been enhanced and equipped, for the general public to be able to visit them.

The Itineraries

The third section (Itineraries) proposes a broad range of routes in the cities or in the countryside of the region in order to visit the most interesting museums or archaeological sites of a city, or of a particular area or those related to a specific historical-archaeological topic.

The ArcheoVeneto website has been designed as a large platform enabling all the researchers, the staff of the Ministry or people in charge of the archaeological heritage within local bodies to submit requests for changes, updates or additions of information.

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