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Prehistoric fortified settlement at Noal – Sedico

Via Noal 3 – 32036 Sedico (BL)

The archaeological area at Noal displays the rests of a fortified settlement that was initially built during recent and final Bronze age (XII-XI sec. a.C.) and which was later re-used during Iron age (X-IX sec. a.C.) e in Medieval times (X-XII sec. d.C.).

History of research

The archaeological excavations were carried out by the General Direction for Archaeological Heritage in the Veneto region between 1994 and 1996 and again in 2001.

Urban and geographical context

The municipality of Sedico is located between the Piave river on the south, the Cordevole stream on the west, the Schiara mountains group on the north and the Gresal river on the east. Within this area, Noal is a plane northeast to the town of Sedico and at 420 metres above sea level.


XII-IX B.C. and Medieval times


The prehistoric fortified settlement at Noal in Sedico is strategically located at the junction between the Cordevole valley and the Valbelluna. This settlement provides a clear understanding of the ways the territory would be protected and controlled during recent and final Bronze age (XII-XI century B.C.), during Iron age (X-IX century B.C.) and in Medieval times (X-XII centuries A.D.).

The radiocarbon analyses of some charcoal samples have allowed to date the initial phase of this settlement to late Bronze age. This phase is testified by a mound (D) and by some walls that have been identified at the basis of two small hills. The walls are made in sandstone bricks and refer to the external façades of the load-bearing wall that protected a small village.
The top parts of the hilly areas A and B and of the mound C that connects them have been dated through radiocarbon analyses to Iron age, particularly X-IX centuries B.C. Based on the current interpretation hypotheses, it is believed that at this time the site had a religious function.
The Medieval times, particularly between X and XII century A.D. are well documented in Sedico. At this time the top of the hilly areas A and B were flattened in order to construct new defensive structures. Particularly, a squared tower (E) was constructed on B and its basement can be seen today at the archaeological site.


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Guided tours by the group "Gruppo Archeologico per Noal", tel. 0437 838294


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